Re­discover laser visuals.

Make awesome visuals with ease. Perform live and amaze your audience. Modulaser is the abstract generator that stays fun forever.

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Start making visuals you’ve never seen before

Getting creative with our laser show sofware is a breeze:
you’ll never make the same visual twice.

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Use almost any DAC

Output your artwork to ILDA-files or connect our ILDA software to almost any laser DAC. We currently support:

LaserCube / LaserDock
Ether Dream
EasyLase / NetLase
Pangolin Beyond

Modulaser supported laser DACs

Live audio input

Use any microphone or audio source to modulate any knob. Create visuals that interact with live music, and watch your art react to beats or sounds in realtime!

Awesome MIDI support

Use any external MIDI-hardware to trigger queues, twist any knob and set BPM.

Works with anything, but we recommend using the Akai APC40 MKII: we even built support for its RGB pads.

Morph vectors and ILDA files

Load visuals. Add modulations. Project better visuals.
Try the Image tab and start morphing.

Pro tip: DJs love it when you project their names.

Always in sync

Your Sequencer always stays in sync with your BPM. Use Ableton Link to sync with Ableton Live and Link-enabled software.

Enable Sync clip launch to BPM for those sweet perfectly timed visuals.

VJ with a video projector

Don’t have an expensive laser projector? We don’t judge. You can project your visuals onto the big screen with Modulaser Display.

Are you already using VJ software like Resolume? Or want to mangle the visuals even more? Output visuals to external software via NDI® or Syphon.

Generate visuals for Pen Plotters

Modulaser is not just for lasers – plot or print your visuals using SVG exports! Read our guide on Pen Plotters for a detailed tutorial.

And yet there’s even more…
3D synthesis
Use X, Y and Z oscillators to create impressive shapes.
User friendly modulators
Add Audio Inputs, LFOs and Sequencers to modulate any knob for you.
Queuing and layering
Create, queue and layer clips. Blend layers to create smooth transitions.
During a live performance you often need all visuals to be one color. This feature is as easy as picking a color and turning it on.
Projection mapping
Projecting from an angle? Not a problem. You can easily create a new mapping or use an existing one.
Duplicate and mirror visuals to create those sweet perfectly symmetrical visuals.
ILDA-file recording
Love the visuals but rather use external laser show sofware? No problem! You can easily export them to ILDA files.
Color profiles
No projector is perfect. In Settings you can adjust your lasers white balance and blanking point.
Inifinite discovery
You’ve never tried it all. After months of enjoying Modulaser, there’s still so much to discover.
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Ensure you've read our Laser Safety guide before use with lasers. Misuse can cause injury or damage.

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