A new form of visual synthesis.

A semi-modular synthesizer for abstract line visuals.

Created for live performances, optimized for laser projectors.

When VJ software, a modular synthesizer and a laser meet…

Audio-based modulation

Use any microphone or audio source to modulate any knob. Create visuals that interact with live music, and watch your art react to beats or sounds in realtime!

Awesome MIDI support

Use any external MIDI-hardware to trigger queues, twist any knob and set BPM.
Works with anything, but we recommend using the Akai APC40 MKII: we even built support for its RGB pads.


Always in sync

Apart from standard BPM controls, Modulaser also supports Ableton Link. This synchronises beat, phase and tempo of Ableton Live and Link-enabled applications over a network.

Enable Sync clip launch to BPM for those sweet perfectly timed visuals.

Ableton Link

Sequence anything

What’s a great synth without a sequencer? Modulaser has a 16-step sequencer that automatically syncs with your BPM.

Connect lasers

Probably the best laser abstract generator in the game. Output your art to ILDA-files and various laser DACs. We currently support:

Ether Dream
Pangolin Beyond

Missing a DAC? Let us know!
Modulaser supported laser DACs

VJ using a video projector

Don’t have an expensive laser projector? We don’t judge. You can project your visuals onto the big screen with Modulaser Display.

Are you already using VJ software like Resolume? Or want to mangle the visuals even more? Output visuals to external software via NDI® or Syphon.

It’s pretty cool
3D synthesis
Use X, Y and Z oscillators to create impressive shapes.
User friendly modulators
Add Audio Inputs, LFOs and Sequencers to modulate any knob for you.
Queuing and layering
Create, queue and layer clips. Blend layers to create smooth transitions.
MIDI support
Use MIDI for parameters and queuing. Works with almost any device, but we recommend the APC40.
BPM support
Always stick to the beat by using internal or external BPM sync. MIDI and Ableton Link supported.
Projection mapping
Projecting from an angle? Not a problem. With built in mapping you can use new or existing mappings.
Keep your progress by saving clipboards. Share them with friends!
ILDA-file recording
Love the visuals but rather use external laser software? No problem! You can easily export them to ILDA files.
ILDA laser output
Use a DAC to hook up your laser projector onto Modulaser.
Inifinite discovery
You’ve never tried it all. After months of enjoying Modulaser, there’s still so much to discover.
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