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Using Modulaser with Pen Plotters

Pen plotters (like the AxiDraw) are amazing. But creating content for them is usually either extremely limited or super complex. Well, now there’s Modulaser.

Modulaser is an abstract line-art generator, originally created for laser shows, but used by many graphic artists.

With Modulaser you don’t ever have to code again. To create amazing line visuals, simply dial in some frequencies. Animate them with the twist of a knob. Finally record the animated visual to a drawing.

Getting started

To get stared, we highly recommend downloading our pen plotter example file:

Download Pen Plotter examples
Or check out our Snowflake Pack

Click on the clips on the top of the app to explore the examples. Hold Shift while clicking to disable clip layering.

Every clip is animated. We record the animation to generate a complex visual. On the top-right, click SVG and hit Record. When you’re happy with the visual (usually in about 2 seconds), click Record again top finish recording.

You can now plot the SVG using your pen plotter software (like Inkscape) of choice. For AxiDraw, check out this guide on how to do this.

Quick tips

Here are a few tips that might help:

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