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Share Your Creations

There are three ways to share your creative creations with the outside world. We’ll walk you through them.

Record a video

If you want to share through social media, forums or email, the best way is to record a video. we’ve made a short video showing you how to do it:

Saving can take quite a while when you’re saving a long video. As soon as the video is saved, you should get a notification. Click on it to immediately watch the video.

When saving the video, you have the choice between three different video formats;

Record as ILDA

When you want to play your creations on a laser without a computer being attached to it, recording as ILDA (.ild file) is the perfect choice. It’s also perfect for sharing with other people who have lasers but don’t have Modulaser or when you want to import your creations into other laser show sofware.

It works almost the same as recording a video, so check the video above first. Before hitting the Record button, press / select ILDA. left of the button.

Share your file

And lastly, you can also just share your whole Modulaser file with others who have Modulaser as well. Find the file you’ve been using (tip: it ends with .modu) and share it through whichever platform you want.

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