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Use Pangolin BEYOND (like FB3, FB4) with Modulaser

Modulaser supports Pangolin BEYOND 3 and 4. All the editions work, so Essentials, Advanced and Ultimate editions.

We send our points to the Pangolin BEYOND software itself and not directly to a DAC such as the Pangolin FB3 and FB4. Because of this, we support all of Pangolin's DACs.

Modulaser and BEYOND need to run on the same computer. Since BEYOND is Windows-only, macOS will not work.

We can not support Pangolin QuickShow since QuickShow has no SDK that third-party apps such as Modulaser can use.

To start using Modulaser with BEYOND, start BEYOND and Modulaser on the same computer. On Modulaser, select a clip. If you do not have any clips yet, go to File > Restore presets to find some we made!

Next to the "start DAC" button, click on the list and select "BEYOND". Now press "start DAC".

Modulaser can currently only output to one zone in BEYOND and will always select the first zone.

That should be it! If nothing happens, check the following:

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