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Do more with your LaserCube

Love your LaserCube but want to get more out of it? Modulaser is alternative laser software for your LaserCube projector. Best of all, you can try it with your LaserCube for free!

The LaserCube by Wicked Lasers is an awesome show laser for beginners. It’s super easy to connect and just works.

Because of it’s portability and built in battery it’s perfect for house parties, music videos and the outdoors.

Connecting Modulaser software to your LaserCube projector is easy. It works exactly like starting LaserOS:

  1. Connect your LaserCube through either WiFi or ethernet (or USB if you have an old one) to your computer and turn it on.
  2. Turn the key so the two LEDs above the key turn white.
  3. Now start Modulaser and select a clip. If you do not have any clips yet, go to File > Restore presets to find some we made! Make sure something is happening in the black window on the right.
  4. Next to the "Start DAC" button, click on the list and select "LaserCube WiFi" if you have a recent one or LaserCube USB for the older one. Now press "Start DAC".

Pro-tip: point your LaserCube at trees and be amazed. For bonus points, make a campfire so the laser beam is visible.

Warning: make sure people can never look directly in the laser. This can do permanent damage to your eyes.

That should be it! If nothing happens, check the following:

For the older USB LaserCube:

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